The Standard For Realtors When Selling Their Restaurant

1. Disclose the $50,000 in Employment Taxes You Are Behind

before claiming the establishment can sustain a $6500/mo lease payment

2. Don't Say That Sewer Problems Are Minor Problem

When you personally reported it as health hazard

3. If People Honestly Tell You They Are Risk Averse

Don't Feed Them Bogus Profit & Loss

4. When Buyer Ask For The Quickbooks File

Don't Tell Their Real Estate Agent She is No Longer The Agent

(that day)

The Agent Who Diligently Got Every Document Buyer Asked For

When This is The Openly Stated Purpose Of Transaction

and they would have walked away had they seen it

And Then Not Get Your New Client The Quickbooks File

5. Don't Cut An Agent Who Works Under You Out of A Commission

When You Soley Benefit From The Transaction She Soley Brought You

If It Impacts The Way The Agent Works The Transaction

A transaction worth more than the average real estate transaction
and the agent deserves to be paid
especially after you make her work it, anyway, later

6. Don't Meet As Principal Broker of A Personal Property

Without the Buyer's Agent Present

and try to act as a neutral party

while writing a contract that protects your interests alone

7. Don't Change The Terms on The Real Estate Contract

After You Cut The Buyer's Agent Out

On the day buyers ask for the Quickbooks file

that would have significantly impacted the transaction


as in stopped it